Book Review: The Wealthy Barber Returns

David Chilton sounds like me trapped in a 40-year-old body.

His writing style is extremely informal, and he often uses sarcasm, puns, and incredibly badly timed & cringe-worthy jokes…

Basically me!

Either way, his books, The Wealthy Barber & The Wealthy Barber Returns are both great finance books.

As the name suggests, the book teaches you how to be wealthy, even if you were a barber.

The concepts are basic and fundamental; great for anyone!

Save more, spend less, invest and compound, and don’t get yourself in debt.

But Chilton not only provides great examples and humorous tips on how to do all those things, but he also understands that although the theory is simple, it is hard to execute.

The chapters are short (often 2-4 chapters each).

The book is broken down into many segments so it feels like actually a really short read.

I aspire to be a financial advisor or someone who helps the general population with financial advice…and although I do think that I know a good amount of information on finance, it seems awkward to take the advice for an 18-year old, doesn’t it?

I hope for a world where everyone, my friends, family, and the general population is financially literate and is not burdened by the concept of money. And I think a great way to spread financial knowledge is through reading.

And that’s why you need to read his book…Read this book if you want to be a Wealthy Barber.

Good Luck and always reach out! I am always free to share my investment journey.

Grateful Day 60: Wow. I am grateful that I somehow went 60 days of giving gratitude, and have written nearly 150 blog posts in a row!!!

March Challenge Day 1: Well. I realized that my original challenge to reconnect with an old friend (through Facebook or social media) is inherently FLAWED because I am 13/16 hours ahead of most people…

I’ve decided to change my March challenge to be READ at least 30 minutes every day

Today I read a bit on a book that I started back in December, Option B. It’s a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most powerful women in the world and the current COO of Facebook. The book follows her story of how she handled adversity when her husband suddenly passed away.

I also got in a few chapters of the young-adult romance, Eleanor & Park. Very cringe-worthy for me to be reading it. Still, at least I am reading.


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