You don’t fit

They always say

“You don’t fit in this shirt”

instead of

“This shirt doesn’t fit you”

People are expected to be average. Mass production of one size clothing is expected to fit everyone. You are either supposed to be an S, M, L, or maybe XL, but what if you have broader shoulders, but a slim belly? What if your torso is disproportioned? What if your chest is wide?

You are expected to fit in the system, and if you don’t then you are wrong and penalized for it.

If you don’t do well in school… if you can’t just be a memorization machine, who only “learns” to pass tests… if you are not good at taking tests

then you “don’t fit the system”

well, how are you going to expect billions of people to fit into one educational system?

No. The system doesn’t fit you.

And that is okay.

We are NOT all average. We are NOT all supposed to change so we can “fit in the system”

Find a better system. Get a different shirt. Find the school program that is FIT for you.

And if you can’t find one that FITS you, then create one yourself.

You should never have to change who you are, to fit into a system built for “average” people. Average doesn’t exist.

Good Luck.

Inspired by Seth Godin & his NEW INSIGHTFUL podcast. Check out his daily blog as well.

Grateful Day 59: I am grateful that I can write every day. I LOVE WRITING!

Magic Day 28: FINAL DAY!:

I finished today with A LOT OF MAGIC. WOOOOO!

In the morning, I did a quick trick for a mother and her two young boys from NORWAY. We had some good conversation about our home countries. (Scandinavian people are beautiful)

They spoke such good English too. I could barely notice their accent. (I heard them speaking Norwegian earlier so I am assuming English is their second language)

At night, we have a Villanova alumni panel. Crazy to think that there are so many Villanova alumni in Singapore!

There were 5 alumni, and I performed to them in groups of 2 after the panel ended. (the 5th person had to leave)

They all gave great advice and were really nice. One girl works at Apple! That is craaazy. That is the dream…

I am happy I did this challenge. I know I missed a lot of days (maybe 5?)

But I also performed more than once on several days (today 3 times!)

Will write a blog post about what I learned about approaching strangers + magic sometime in March. Stay tuned and thanks for following me on this journey!

March challenge = reconnect with people. I was inspired by connecting with strangers through magic, that I now want to RECONNECT with past friends. The only thing is hoping that they will respond and not think I am weird…


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