History being made

Watching these amazing Olympians perform is not only fun because we get to watch excellence but also because some of these athletes are creating history

From the first Asian-American ice dancers to medal, to the 17 year old snow boarder who gets gold, to the Canadian figure skaters who are now the most decorated, and to the speed skaters breaking all new Olympic and world records.

It’s amazing that we get to see these athletes accomplish such great feats

Watching it live (or at least in my case, a few hours AFTER) is so much more different than watching it a few years down the road on YouTube

It’s the same reason I always wished I was able to see Michael Jordan play in the NBA

Enjoy and revel in these excellent athletes

Appreciate the history being created in our era

But also be aware that We are also a small part of it

We are all a small part of history

Make sure you are happy with what type of history you create

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 53: I am grateful for instant ramen!!!

Magic Day 22: ugh I feel so bad because I have been slacking recently

This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be because 1) I’ve been rejected a couple of times 2) after long days, it is very tiring to do magic and 3) sometimes I go through the whole day without realizing I forgot to do magic!

I promise to finish strong in last few days

And promise to make my March challenge more consistent


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