Everyone feels nostalgic

We miss the old

Our childhood

The “good old days”

The safety days

When everything was familiar

When your friend groups weren’t torn apart

And you could go to the same restaurant every weekend with the same group of friends.

But maybe now you’ve “grown up”

Maybe you live halfway across the world

or maybe you’ve just forgotten a bit.

Old friends became strangers

Maybe even worse than strangers

And Strangers are now becoming new friends

But inevitably, you will feel nostalgic

You will miss what once was…

And when you feel that nostalgia coming

It’s okay to feel it

It’s okay to reminisce

And if you can, it’s okay to message your old friends

And ask them how they are doing

I’ve decided to make my challenge for March to message 1 person I don’t regularly talk to anymore everyday

Grateful Day 52: I am grateful for money

Magic Day 21: Oh boy did I get rejected today…

It was so awkward I don’t even want to talk about it.

Moral of the lesson though? Life goes on. Embarrassment is always funny after the fact.

If you aren’t embarrassing yourself once and a while, are you really living life? It’s good to be weird and awkward once a while… And it’s even better when you learn to laugh at yourself too.

P.S. I also tripped on flat ground again today. It’s honestly starting to become a habit.



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