I miss my mom

After you graduate from college or move away from home, you will have already spent roughly ~80% of the time you will spend with your parents

That is a very scary thing to think

The day we millennials (or Z generation) officially move out from home will definitely be a momentous step forward to adulthood

But adulthood doesn’t mean you have to forget about the adults who are so important to you

I am going to make sure I make the best out of that next 20%

Grateful Day 51: I am grateful for my parents

Magic Day 20:

I love performing magic for people who are just as fascinated about it as I am. Back at home, I would consistently get reactions of screams or yelling. One time, I had someone get up and run away screaming “He’s the devil!!!” Quite an aggressive reaction if you ask me…

Performing magic in Singapore is definitely a drastically different experience

The culture here is evidently more reserved. As I mentioned before, many people are generally a bit shook by a stranger approaching them

Instead of running away and yelling insults to me (which is apparently a way of paradoxically complimenting someone in North America), a “good” reaction will simply be a quick gasp and look of confusion. (Younger women will also cover their mouths. I don’t know why)

Despite the fact that I don’t get similar reactions of screaming and yelling, I can still see that people enjoy my magic.

After all, just because there is a cultural difference, what connects all of us is that we all have the same curiosity and wonder as humans, and I am glad that magic has taught me to understand this.


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