Everything Hurts

Everything hurts…but I know I will only gain more endurance after more Muay Thai sessions

Muscle builds only after you break it down

You only get stronger after going through stress, be it mental or physical

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 50: I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills

Magic Day 19: I arrived at the MMA gym today right as the little kids sessions were finishing up.

Maybe 10~ kids surrounded me to watch me perform

This little girl named Laura, 8, was extremely enthusiastic. She was from Croatia but started learning Chinese since moving to Singapore! Bilingual people who speak a language outside of their culture always amazes me

Their ages ranged from 3-8, and man were some of those 3 year olds cute as they basically crawled on top of me. Managing several kids is hard–trying to do magic at the same time is harder.


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