Lonely or just alone?

The day of love just passed

But being alone on Valentines day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel lonely

Embrace solitude.

You will have the rest of your life to spend your time with a significant other

Being “alone” doesn’t mean you are lonely.

Just like some people can feel lonely while surrounded by people…

Remember to give yourself love too.

Me? I spent Valentines day dancing with my friends. (And watching the Bachelor and cheering with other single people!)

Good Luck.

Happy Valentines Day (I may be a day late though… being 16 hours ahead is confusing to me) and Happy Chinese New Year from Singapore!

Grateful Day 46: I am grateful for technology. AI is the future! Excited to see future advancements made by genius innovators.

Magic Day 15: I did magic for this girl who ran the front desk of a club/bar. The music was loud and it was a bit dark so I didn’t really talk to her…I was hoping for her to let us into the club for free though but nope 😦



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