Buy experiences

I like luxury items just as much as the next person

In fact, I just recently invested in a new pair of Air Pods…

Yes, I call it an investment. I need music for working out

But no matter how valuable materialistic items may be to you, they will never trump the invaluableness of quality experiences

Experiences are interminable

The good experiences will stay with you forever to remind you of your happiness

While the bad will be reminders of how much sh*t you’ve gone through…and still surviving

Experiences such as trips


Sky-diving (though I am not sure my mom will let me do this one!)


Going clubbing or to the bar…

Getting lost in the city with no plan

Volunteer Trips

Hiking Trips

Even books

Classes and lectures and education

Learning new skills… (I want to learn boxing !!! )

The list goes on, and there is so much out there to experience

Go out of your comfort zone and experience all these great, and even simple things, that life has to offer. Not every experience has to be grand. You don’t need to travel around the world; even just simply paying for a train ride to nowhere and exploring new places can be fruitful.

Buy experiences.

After all, how else can you evolve? If Pokemon taught me anything, it’s that you need experience to become a better version of yourself.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 44: I am grateful for laughter

Magic Day 13: Back in stride today from yesterday’s disappointing interaction!

I did magic today for two new security guards

I introduced myself to them. One was a girl named Shanti, and the guy was named Murthy

They told me they have only been in Singapore for 2 years, and recently lived in Malaysia, however, they are ethnically Indian.

I’ve already noticed it too. After all, Singaporeans work really hard to save money and accumulate wealth, which is why their economy is so strong. At the same breath, because of how much stress it places on the citizens to succeed financially, Singapore’s happiness rating does not equal their economic success.

They told me that Malaysia has really good food, and surrounded by a lot of places you can visit.

I asked them what they thought about Singapore in the 2 years and they both agreed that Singapore is money driven.



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