Two people talking

There are two of you

There is The Logical You that wants to do these great things

This You has the blueprint to success and makes logical decisions and the “right” decisions

The You that knows that You should be disciplined

Wake up early


Eat healthier

Study more…

This is the You that understands the right decisions and ethics and life

Then there is an Emotional You

The Emotional You makes rash decisions

The Emotional You is often afraid

The Emotional You can make excuses about why you aren’t being the best You that You can be

The Emotional You sleeps in, eats unhealthy (but really good tasting food), watches Netflix, and will sometimes make stupid decisions

But you need the Emotional You, because it makes you unique and different and gives You Love

You need The Emotion because it is what makes you human

The only way to make this relationship work is to compromise

There are Two of You, and to keep them both happy, make sure you treat both of them right

Good Luck

Grateful Day 43: Man am I grateful for MUSICCCCC

Magic Day 12: well I got my first rejection today and boy did it feel crappy

I was practicing magic after my meal today in the food court and I saw a little kid just sitting across from me very intrigued

I could see him shout and gasp every time I did something cool. He was telling his mother/grandmother about what he was seeing

So naturally I thought that I should go over and properly show the little kid a trick and maybe share some tricks with him

Unfortunately the mother/grandmother was not having it

She didn’t even look me in the eye when I introduced myself. Was it the fact that I smiled at her? Or did my pink shirt offend her? I hardly doubt it was a language barrier either because I said “Hi” in both English and Mandarin (and I am pretty sure I heard them speak both)

So I sort of just stood there for a few seconds awkwardly as she waved at me to leave her alone; again, she didn’t even turn her head to me

I went back to my seat and the kid was still staring at me. I felt bad about my approach and that I couldn’t share my passion with the kid. So I did some more “cool stuff” and made cards disappear and jump around as he watched from just a few tables over. I was so close we could practically have a conversation I think

When I left, I gave the kid a little smile and acknowledgement. I am pretty sure he smiled back. Sorry, maybe another time I’ll be able to show you something up close, kid.

In reality, I did feel a little upset about the interaction as a whole. First, I was genuinely curious as to why the guardian was so hostile towards me. Maybe I came off as too strong or offensive, and I hope I didn’t. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing that I’ll never truly understand, because I’d have to ask her about it to understand her perspective. and obviously that didn’t work. I am sure she has her own respective reasons for ignoring me–too bad I’ll never find out why. Either way, I need to understand that rejection happens all the time and there may not be a reason for it.

When I got on the train to go home I was a little upset to see that almost everyone was staring at their phones, me partially included.

Humans are meant to be social, right? I wish we carried that maxim a bit more…

Anyways, my boy Din the security guard got my back. I showed him a quick trick today when I got back to the apartment. My man Din coming in clutch to brighten up my day.


3 responses to “Two people talking”

  1. How old are you??? Amazing insights you have young man, be proud…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Appreciate the read as always, Sheilah 🙂 Take care!


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