How to be a little bit Happier.

  1. create a “Be Happy” playlist. (I will share mine if you want)
  2. Put on earphones/headphones
  3.  Let loose and stop thinking about ANYTHING…just for a while
  4. Dance like no one else is watching and you are in your own world.
  5. Love yourself
  6. Take a deep breath. Realize that you are here right now…breathing…feel your skin, heartbeat. Realize that you yourself are a miracle
  7. Message a friend you don’t see every day. Maybe they are on the other side of the world (basically all my friends!), or maybe you just lost a little bit of connection. Tell them you are thinking of them. Feel free to message me 🙂 I am always available to talk to anyone, even if we don’t know each other.
  8. Love yourself again
  9. Drink some water. Being dehydrated is not fun
  10. Realize that you don’t need 10 steps to “Be Happy”, because even the small and simple things in life can make you happy too. Just look around; there are small infinities everywhere

Bonus step 11: Read my recent poem I posted on my Instagram. It’s about embracing and loving yourself, even in the bad moments. Click HERE to check it out!

Good Luck

*Results may vary and intended results may not be guaranteed

Grateful Day 42: I am grateful for my short time I spent in Bangkok (arrived home today just a few hours ago). The food, people, culture, and experience were all amazing! I met so many cool people; other tourists and Thai people. And boy, did I learn a lot about the culture. Fun fun fun times!!! Where to go next?

Magic Day 11: I’ve always dreamed of one day meeting my soul mate at a coffee shop; our eyes meet, and she is reading my favorite book, and humming the song that’s been stuck in my head all week…

So today, I created a little “fate” at a Starbucks.

Approaching women always feels weird to me. I get this awkward, kind of tingling sensation that I am doing something wrong

Anyways, her name was Kelly. Yes, she was pretty. And no, she did not end up becoming my soul mate.

I’ll take the loss today on this one. I thrive on embarrassing moments.



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