Put your phone on airplane mode…

Trust me

When you are on the other side of the world

You might never know when you’ll be there again.

Take it all in

Observe your surroundings

Breathe the air in… (even if it may be a little bit polluted!)

Take in all the small infinities of life. They exist everywhere; you just need to observe to see them all.

Make some observations about. Observe yourself. How do you feel in this moment? How do you feel about life?

Enjoy the present moment. Your Snapchat can wait till later. Not everyone needs to know about every single moment of your life. You can double-tap your Instagram feed later.

Some infinities belong to yourself. Some observations are meant to be private.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 41: I am grateful for how many food vendors there are on the streets! Thirsty? 10 Baht for some cold water. Hungry? Chicken skewers for the same price! Finally, finish off with some sweet watermelon for dessert. Though, there is an ancient Chinese myth that eating while standing/walking is not healthy… Hope it’s not true.

Magic Day 10: I have not performed magic…yet. I was unsure when I’d be able to write my post today, so I decided to do it earlier (compared to yesterday, where I was frantically writing it before midnight)

We are going out again for dinner/some activities for the night. If a chance arises, I’ll try to perform my magic for the day. If I don’t, let’s just say that one of the 3 I did yesterday will make it up? Can, or cannot?

What happens in Bangkok… stays in Bangkok…



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