Introduce yourself

There is no correlation between money and happiness

Nor fame and happiness.

There is, however, a strong correlation between good community & relationships and happiness

Introduce yourself to your community.

Your community is not fixed

It is wherever you are

and you can build it anywhere, from scratch.

It’s up to you to decide to do so.

There is a reason I know my complex’s security guard’s name. His name is Din. Last week I introduced myself to him and told him I’d be here for the next 4 months and I wanted to thank him.

We now wave at each other every time I leave for school in the morning. He asked me if I could show him another magic trick soon.

If you want to be happy, make an effort to introduce yourself.

Build a community.

Good Luck.

P.S. Shoutout to one of my old high school friends if you are reading this. We weren’t super close in high school, but I know you’ve read my blog before, and even shared it with other people. I appreciate you and wish you luck. You know who you are.

Grateful Day 39: I am grateful for my classmates and all the memories we’ve created in such a short time. I am happy that we can travel together too! (Going to Bangkok in 2 hours!!!)

Magic Day 8: To be honest, I thought I’d be performing for more people around my age when I first started this, but I’ve had some great encounters recently with older generations.

A happy elderly couple today.

I didn’t have much conversation with them, but I could see their great relationship, and I hope to be able to have one of my own in the future.



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