Grow and Give

Grow yourself





and emotionally

then give to others

who need the help to grow themselves

Grow yourself so you can give

Ray Dalio says he believes there are three phases in any person’s life:

The first phase is where we grow and we are dependent on others to give us love and nurture

The second phase is where we are self-reliant, independently growing

The third phase is where we must give back…where we must do for the future generations what the past generations did for us.

Grow so you can give back to society.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 38: I am grateful for how clean Singapore is

Magic Day 7: I’ve always enjoyed performing magic for little kids because they are often always amazed.

They still believe in real magic, in the wonder that many of us have lost after we become more “mature”

Performing magic for younger kids teaches me to still believe in that wonder and that magic.


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