100th post. Thanks for those who have followed me on this journey from day 1.

And also thank you to any first-time readers.

100 feels like a good time to reflect on all my posts so far. So, here are some of my favorites if you want to look back:

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Grateful Day 36: I am grateful for how far I’ve come in just 100 days. I cannot imagine how much more different, or same, my life will be on the next 100, or when I hit 1000

Magic Day 5: I have always been grateful for being able to speak the universal language of magic, but also being bilingual in English and Chinese

Today, I approached a group of middle-aged mothers and grandmothers and realized immediately that I should speak Chinese to communicate.

Aside from the magic, which, of course, I always perfect and NEVER mess up, they were really intrigued by my story.

One asked if I were an “ABC” (American Born Chinese), and I had to then explain I was actually a “CBC” (Chinese born Canadian), and that I was studying abroad in an American University, and also studying abroad again this time in Singapore.

They were extremely impressed by my proficiency in Mandarin, which, I told them, surprised me since Singapore was perhaps one of the most bilingual countries (with 4 official languages!). The conversation was the longest thus far for any interaction I’ve had through magic, and this time, it wasn’t awkward!

Interactions like these make me more inspired to continue learning Chinese and about my own native culture.




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