A Universal Language

Of course, today I decided to approach this pretty girl (and her friends) and offer to perform magic for day 2 of my challenge to perform magic every day for February

and of course, me being the type of awkward dunce that I am, I approached a group of Koreans who didn’t speak much English. Okay, I knew they were Korean, but I mistakingly assumed they also spoke English.

After doing a couple awkward hand gestures, and watched them discuss with each other about why this random Chinese dude approached them, they finally understood what I was trying to say, and thank god I didn’t mess up the trick.

The great thing about magic is that it helps me connect with other people

Magic is an art, despite not often recognized as one

but just like music, like dancing, it is a beautiful art and a universal language

At any moment, I can use my universal language to connect with other people from any background and brighten their day up a little with some mystery and illusion

A visual effect needs no explanation

Experiences can be shared

Sometimes words aren’t needed to create MAGIC

Grateful Day 33: I am grateful for awkward moments because I always love to look back and laugh at how awkward I can be sometimes. Makes me feel alive.

I did attempt to ask her about her story and her experience in Singapore. Unfortunately, the language barrier was a bit difficult, and all I could learn from the group was that they were here in Singapore on vacation.





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