Be Absurd

Asking yourself absurd questions is one of the best ways to get quality content

open-ended questions

those are what can stir your mind

what do you do that is foolish, but makes your excited?

what if this were easy? then, how would I approach this?

how can I approach this solution in an absurd way?

things aren’t meant to be logical all the time

maybe it’s time to be a little bit absurd…

Grateful Day 32: I officially did a full month of gratitude, and I am grateful for being able to be grateful for so many things in the first place. If you’ve been following my blog and reading my days of gratitude, I urge you to participate. Just write down on a simple piece of paper 1 thing you are grateful for that money can’t buy. Let my daily blog be a reminder for you to do this task every day. Good luck and let me know if you do participate!

Magic Day 1: Today I started my challenge of performing magic/mentalism at least ONCE per day for the month of February.

At first, I told myself I’d approach a young group of teens, maybe around my age, so I could immediately have a connection with them through our youth. I chickened out today at lunchtime… Instead, I decided to perform magic for my apartment security guard at the gate entrance, who I’d wave at every day when leaving and entering the housing. His name was Din, and he is Malaysian, but was born in Singapore and lived here his whole life. He seemed genuinely happy to see my trick. Afterwards, I decided to ask him about the culture of Singapore. (I am going to incorporate some interviewing now instead of purely performing magic. This way I can learn more about Singapore’s culture at the same time).

What do you think is unique about Singapore?

It’s very open. Government is very open to diversity. I see Australians, French, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Americans enter and leave these apartments. You can see every ethnicity in Singapore and everyone speaks two languages.

Ya. The culture is great here. I’ve noticed the environment is great.

Yes. It’s very safe and clean here. government is strict on that.

What do you think about America then? What is your perspective?

It’s good. I think America is good. My niece goes to school in Pennsylvania.


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