I don’t know

There’s this story about this farmer

one day, 3 extra horses were gifted to him by another farmer

his friend comments: “wow, isn’t that great? You now have 4 horses”

the farmer replies: “I don’t know if it is”

the next day, his son decides to ride one of the new horses and finds that the new horse is a bit aggressive and buckles the son off the saddle, breaking the son’s leg

a friend comments: “wow, isn’t that unlucky? Sorry about your son’s leg.”

the farmer replies: “I don’t know if it is”

a few years later, the country calls for young men, a conscription, for the war.

the farmer’s son, who has a broken leg, can’t enlist because he obviously can’t fight, which essentially saves his life from not having to fight in the war

Isn’t the farmer lucky?

I don’t know…

This story teaches us that failure does not equal an end point of failure, just as success and happiness are not permanent. Truly, you don’t know. The moral is to be humble, be aware, be prepared, and live life expecting both good and bad things to happen.

Grateful Day 27: I am grateful for anyone who reads my writing


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