The Garden


Preserving beauty is a universal challenge

How do you capture these sights, sounds, and smells?

How do we preserve something that is beautiful, so that other generations can admire them as well?

Or should we even preserve such things?

Sometimes it is best to absorb the moment. Sometimes a photo is not necessary because the beauty is preserved in your memory, which makes it even more ineffable.

The gardens had much to offer. The modernity of Singapore, fused with nature. Simulated rain forests. Tall trees, meticulously crafted statues, vines everywhere, technological nuances mixed in. Design, effort, passion, preservation; you could see it all within the garden. You could see the care put in to make these domes be magnificent.

The least you could do is appreciate the beauty

Grateful Day 26: I am grateful for gardens & museums, places dedicated to presenting and preserving beauty.

*Photos below taken at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Yes, those are LEGO plants*





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