Losing the present

I am in that weird part of life where I feel like life is moving too slow

I am still having a blast in Singapore:

I’ve gone clubbing for the first time, had great food, and saw beautiful views.

But a part of me feels as if time has been moving a lot slower

I keep thinking about the future, the next class, the next event

I keep looking forward to after March, where I’ll begin my full-time internship here in Singapore

I’ve been failing to experience the present moment to its fullest

And I am not quite sure what I should do to fix myself

Perhaps a day of mind mapping tomorrow in my journal will help

Or perhaps I should refrain from using social media and take a break

Netflix is always a good option to de-stress, so maybe I’ll watch some new shows

Whatever it is, I plan to take this weekend to be sweet to myself and remove myself from stress

It’s important to notice when you begin to lose the present moment. The future can wait, and the past has already left.

I just hope I don’t lose the present moment too much.

Good luck to those who are experiencing this same dilemma.

Grateful Day 20: I am grateful for the weekends, where I can take the time to think about life.




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