Be Sweet

“You are like a cocoa bean.

No matter how carefully cultivated the cocoa may be, having it alone is not appetizing 

By adding sweet sugar the original flavor of the cocoa comes out 

It’s the same for people 

Being strict on yourself is pointless It’s important to be kind and sweet to yourself sometimes too”

Allow yourself to indulge once in a while

Whether it be relaxing at a spa, going to a club or party, eating some good food once and a while, or simply taking a break away from the relentless stress of modern day society.

Go on a vacation

Take a break from work

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

The rest of the world already does that

Dark coffee, no matter how high quality the coffee bean is, will always innately taste bitter.

Remember to add some sweetness to it.

Allow yourself to be sweet

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 19: I am grateful for those days where I have no commitments…the days where I can sleep in, enjoy myself, not be rushed to be somewhere, and be sweet.b67eeb52f8d35f80a8fbfe0043628b00cb9b98c1.jpg


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