I went to Bugis today, a section of Singapore where the Muslim culture was quite prominent.

We visited a Mosque as well as persued the local shops, bars, and restaurants, after deciding to sit down at one place called “LIMAA”

I fell in love with this little cafe-restaurant as soon as I walked in the door

Before I even saw the menu, I knew this place was something special

Because I saw who the employees were:

Two hard working young mothers, who looked like could be sisters, both having a small baby strapped to the front of their chest!!!

Talk about adorable

The restaurant, which was certified to be 100% Muslim owned, had a menu that boasts healthy and quality ingredients, made from scratch and right in front of you

Their juices, get this, used REAL fruit! Several people before me had ordered the fresh fruit juices, and I saw these two hard-working mothers crank out these manual tools to cut and then juice oranges, pomegranate, and other fruits. Refreshing for a hot Singapore day.

Ingeniously, the small cafe had a special breastfeeding room. I wonder why?

The small restaurant was clean and relatively new looking. A humidifier helped freshen the air.

After eating some good food and drinking my mango-kiwi smoothie, I was beyond satisfied. The slightly higher prices (relatively to how cheap Singapore food generally is) were justified by the ambiance of the restaurant and the quality and care of the food.

In the end, it turns out LIMAA was not even a year old. The two owners, who turned out to actually be cousins, opened the cafe in March 2017.

I am always shocked to see the discipline and hard work of different cultures. Small thriving businesses like this always give me a smile and I am happy to have been able to visit this little masterpiece. The cute babies may or may not have influenced me to give some good tips, although tipping is generally not a common practice. I suppose I will have to visit again before those adorable babies grow up!

Hats off to LIMAA. Visit them: 51 Haji Ln, Singapore 189244

Grateful Day 17: I am grateful for life



Shoutout to my friend Kelsea for taking this masterpiece of a photo.


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