You will have burnout days.

Days you feel like not waking up

Days you feel like “just skipping” because you “don’t have time”

Days you want to miss the 1% improvement, and make it 0%

Today for me feels like one of those days.

My head hurts. My body is weak. My mind is wandering. And I feel lethargic…

Whether you decide to persevere through the burnout

or you decide to break what you’ve worked so hard to create because you felt a little lazy

is an indication of your character and indication of your habits.

So I don’t intend to break my streak just yet. I’ve made a commitment and held myself accountable to be disciplined. A little laziness won’t stop me so easily.

You will have burnout days. But that doesn’t mean you need to extinguish the sparks completely. Use those sparks to persevere.

Keep your passion burning.

Good Luck.

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of the hard work you already did”

Grateful Day 8: I am grateful for my sister who drew me this picture because apparently, I’ve been using copyrighted photos from Google. Whoops




One response to “Burnout”

  1. […] you failed to seize the day because you procrastinated and were a bit lazy or burned out, you can still adopt this principle like me to salvage your […]


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