New Year’s Resolutions: 2018

In yesterday’s post, I talked about holding yourself accountable and by taking responsibility in your own life will give you power.

This blog post is dedicated to my goals for 2018 and will also hold me accountable to work towards achieving them. Although this post is more for me to visualize and organize my thoughts, feel free to examine my goals and make a list of your own if you feel inspired.

Weekly Goals:

  • Begin Mindmapping every Sunday (organizing thoughts, planning daily/weekly goals, recalibrate life)
  • Meditate AT LEAST every Friday, and throughout the week when possible

January 2018 Goals:

  • Gratitude month: End every daily post with a simple comment of gratitude.

6 Month Goals – June 2018: 

  • 100 followers on Blog (at 25!)
  • Perform stage magic again for at least 100+ people (I have no idea how I will top performing at The View in 2017 though…Does Jimmy Kimmel read this blog?)
  • Read 10 Books
  • Finish freshman year with GPA 3.80+
  • Obtain 20% gains on investments (excluding cryptocurrency)

12 Month Goals – December 2018: 

  • 200 followers on Blog
  • Do another inspirational talk / Ted Talk  (at least one)
  • Read 20 Books
  • Blog for 1 year straight
  • Go to Japan alone (or some other foreign place) and learn independence
  • Obtain 40% gains on investments (excluding cryptocurrency)
  • Meet Adam Grant

Will revisit these notes periodically throughout the year.

Good luck and hope everyone has a great new year!



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