No-Man’s Land

Yesterday I wrote a poem about chasing the horizon

And if you chase it too far, you end up in no-man’s land (or no man’s ocean in the poem)

Stranded and alone… Truly, no one wants to be here

But this is where you can accomplish great things

Successful people in their fields pave their own path and it often means going on that journey alone.

If you are passionate about something and want to be great, then you don’t follow the crowd, you seek the land where no one else has discovered

In basketball, no-man’s land exists only in one area: the free throw line.

Everything else during the game is team based, but on the free-throw line is when you are truly alone, where you have the complete individual power to make or break the game when it comes down to the wire.

If you can survive through it, this is where innovation, creativity, leadership, individuality, and character is built and found…

Just tread carefully, because it can get lonely there.

Good Luck.






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