Chasing the Horizon

I felt like writing a poem today. Now, I am by no means a poet, but I do enjoy reading poetry, watching spoken poetry, and yes, occasionally writing it. This poem is about focusing on the progress and the process (#Trust the Process). Sometimes we dwell too much on a certain goal, that we forget how far we’ve gone. The end goal is not the most important thing; it’s good to reflect on our progress. Enjoy!

Chasing the Horizon

you are a sailor

look across the ocean

what do you see?

a beautiful horizon… the sun is at its apex, the ocean glows from the rays

the horizon’s beauty is unparalleled and so…you decide to chase it

you prepare your things: food, clothes, and a perfect book to kill time

you set sail to chase the horizon


hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, then years have passed

yet you are nowhere near your goal… nowhere near the end…the horizon, still only in the distance, still only a dream

surrounded by nothing but the ocean

now you are stuck, stranded, in no-man’s land, or no-man’s ocean…

distraught and struck with failure that the horizon escapes your grasps.

you wish that someone had told you that no matter how hard you try, you will never reach that goal, that it’s impossible to catch the horizon, and that those sailors who chase it are those who end up alone, distraught like you are right now

the sun sets and you decide to look back to where you started

looked back to where you set off on this journey

finally, you looked back…


they say one person can create a ripple and change the world

but yet you somehow created thousands of ripples and failed to see it

you failed to see the distances traveled, and the memories you fabricated while on this journey

all the progress you’ve made, and all the ripples you created

you failed to see because you only saw the horizon

the horizon may be beautiful….but you can’t chase it

instead, look back and see how far you’ve gone in life

look at the progress

marvel at your discipline

enjoy the sun from a distance; it’s more beautiful that way

admire the horizon…don’t chase it

keep creating those ripples

Good Luck.










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