Visiting home after being away for 4 months and living 5000 miles away is weird…

Driving into that familiar neighborhood…

Coming back to familiar faces and a familiar home where there is still that familiar bickering between my parents…

Visiting my high school where I attended for 5 years of familiarity…

I love being home… and I love revisiting these old places

But I also love unfamiliarity.

Is that weird?

I like to see change and progress.

If I were revisiting my old self, my 4 months younger self, I would be disgusted with him.

Jeff in August 2017 was not the same person as Jeff in December 2017; in fact, I was not proud of who I was back then, and am happy to see that I escaped that past.

And with the new year coming up, I hope that 2018 Jeff will look back on 2017 Jeff and be able to see all the progress I’ve made, instead of seeing familiarity.

Familiar means comfortable. Familiar means easy, and the same, and static, and unchanging. All these things can be good. But just after 1 day of being home, I realized how much I disliked this sense of familiarity and craved for exciting new experiences.

When we leave the familiar behind is when we are able to see what excites us. Make new things unfamiliar, and expand your comfort zone. This way, when you need to, you can return to this comfort of familiarity you have created.

Here is to progressing further and stronger into 2018.

PS. My sister now has pink hair, and my 10-year old cousin from China now lives with us? This does not look familiar…

Happy Holidays everyone~

family + momo.jpg


One response to “Familiar”

  1. […] about old memories, and laughing about the same things we used to laugh about in high school. Familiar memories but also new experiences were shared. I was happy to see that all of my friends changed […]


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