4 Point NO GPA

Tomorrow is my final finals exam.

A statistics test…

And statistically speaking, I need to achieve a rather high mark of about 105% on that exam if I want to get an “A”, which is also statistically impossible…I think? 

BUT, if I did get an A, I would potentially be finishing my first semester at university with a perfect 4.0 GPA… Potentially…

BUT… I also did recently watch a lecture by Warren Buffet who claimed that the most successful people, statistically, “don’t get perfect grades.”

So ya. Just a heads up to my parents if I don’t get an A in statistics class… I was simply listening to Warren Buffet. Besides, a 4.0 GPA is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, getting good grades is definitely something I want to achieve, and I do believe they are important. They are just not the most important thing. The most important thing in life…is money :). And what’s the best way to make money? That’s right: procrastination!!! (As I write this blog instead of studying for that exam)

In all seriousness, I could go on a complete tangent about grades and how crude it is to label people with numbers. It’s all arbitrary, and often redundant, and extremely idiotic to base someone else’s worth on numbers. Yes, I also hate math class if you couldn’t tell.

Anyways… Just wanted to say Good luck to anyone else who still has finals, and for those who have already finished them, I hope you guys did well!!!

Happy semester break!

“It is likely that most of what you currently learn at school will be irrelevant by the time you are 40…my best advice is to focus on personal resilience and emotional intelligence.” –Yuval Noah Harari, someone who DIDN’T get a 4.0 GPA like me 🙂



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