“I don’t have time”

“I don’t have time”

“I am busy”

What do you really mean when you say that?

You mean to say: “It’s not a priority”

For a year or so, I always wanted to start a blog… But one of my main excuses for not starting one was because I believed I was simply “too busy” and “didn’t have time”

But really… I just didn’t want to. I didn’t care enough about writing a blog and sharing my ideas and thoughts, and so I didn’t set aside the 30-minutes every day to write my daily blogs by making it a priority.

Did you know, I even used to NOT make my bed every morning, simply because “I didn’t have 15 seconds every day to fix my bed” because I was “busy with school.”

Good Joke past Jeff… Good Joke.

Time management has always been a hot topic, especially for this new generation of busy people. Here is an ironic tip for saving time in the day:

DVR the TV shows you want to watch ahead of time, and you can skip through the commercials when you watch it. This saves you 7 minutes for every 30-minute show, and you can save 28 minutes for watching 2 hours of TV! Now you have an extra 28 minutes to find some time to exercise, right? 😉

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But you know what else is a great way to find some extra time during the day?


We have a lot more time on our hands then we think, but often we waste it away.

So don’t use the cheap excuse of “I don’t have time”

Instead, ask yourself, “Is this a priority?” And if you truly want to do something, then make it a priority.

Thanks to Laura Vanderkam, who inspired this blog post with her Ted Talk.




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