Coming home

1 week from today I will be flying home

I’ll be taking two flights (transferring sucks…) to fly home back to Vancouver

And I’ll be able to see my parents whom I haven’t seen since August, and my sister since October

I’ll get to sleep on my old bed (technically new bed because apparently my mother downgraded my king sized bed… though I do admit it was impractically large for me)

I’ll get to see my close friends from high school and hopefully treat them to dinner at our favorite restaurant

I’ll reconnect with “the boys” and cringe at how disgusting we can be together…but laugh still

I’ll be able to see my old high school and revisit my favorite teachers who taught me so much about myself in those 5 years

I’ll bring back with me 4 months of amazing life experience…

And then I’ll repeat it again after the spring semester

No life lesson or moral today… just happy and excited to go home… I’ve been homesick for too long.



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