Bumblebees are too fat

In 1934, some French scientist proved that bumblebees could not fly.

It had something to do with aerodynamics and wing flap speed…and the fact that the bumblebee was simply too fat, and had too small wings.

But wait…they can…

If you were to use empirical data, it is technically possible to prove that the bumblebee cannot flap its wings at a high enough frequency to achieve liftoff. But what the scientists forgot to account for was how hard the bumblebee worked to fly. The reason they are able to fly is that “bumblebees simply flap harder than other insects, increasing the amplitude of their wing strokes to achieve more lift.”

Prove the critics wrong. If they call you too fat to fly, simply flap your wings harder and blow the critics away. Everything is impossible until someone shows the world it is possible.

Science was a myth before we conducted experiments, and now we disprove myths with science.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to defy the critics who tell you that “it’s impossible”; if you want to achieve flight, you literally have to defy the laws of science and gravity.; if you want to be like the bumblebee, flap your wings a little harder and see where it takes you.

Good Luck.



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