Effective Vs Being “Busy”

Effective means doing what is required to accomplish certain goals you are wanting to achieve. It means doing what is necessary to complete a certain task in the most logical and direct way. The key is to have intent behind what you are doing.

Busy means always having something to do…

Busy can be effective, but not always

You can be busy by hanging out with your friends all day, or scheduling too much relaxation time, or playing video games. Or it can mean you are spending time doing homework, or reading a good book to build your army.

It’s best to be effective, not busy. Being effectively busy is not bad either, but being busy in general all the time means you do not have time to do the other things you love. It’s also good to schedule days where you don’t have anything to do, and the way to have those days is accomplishing all you need to do in effective manners, instead of keeping yourself busy.

Just because you are busy with your time, doesn’t mean you are effective with it.

Time to be effective.


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