I’ve always been business savvy… whatever that means…

I remember skipping out of my grade 10 science class to “go to the washroom” when I was actually making a transaction with someone across the world through a e-commerce business I had created.

I would miss the lecture on tectonic plates and the shape of the Earth, but come back to class $500 richer. Don’t worry… I don’t think the Earth is flat.

But I never skipped class just to skip class. I made compromises. I missed the lecture, but self-taught the lesson through YouTube videos and would still get at least 90%+ on the test. I compromised to give up my future time to relax to instead study for the science lesson I had missed. I only skipped class because I knew that the opportunity I had, making a transaction with someone online, would only be available in that moment. Had I not taken it, the other person could have easily found some other vendor to make his e-transaction. I made compromises in that moment so I could make $500. Not too bad of a compromise, and not too bad for 15 year old entrepreneurial Jeff.

Compromises work when you are able to get the best of both worlds, and create a win-win situation by giving up something else that isn’t as important; in this case, I gave up my time in the evening to watch Netflix so I could re-learn the material I missed in class.

Compromises work when you are logical about the situation. Accept the “loss” you will create, but understand you can regain that loss later if you make a good compromise. If I simply skipped class and gave up on the course, then I’d have created a win-lose situation.

Do your homework now, so you can relax later.

Sure, I can stay up late to play basketball, but I need to wake up earlier to finish my homework for tomorrow’s class then.

I’ll do the chores, but can you help with the laundry so we finish faster?



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