Fiat money

There is no inherent or intrinsic value in our currency.

Paper money has no worth besides the fact that the government has labelled a $5 bill to have the purchasing power of a MacDonald’s happy meal.

It’s “fiat”, the Latin word that means “it shall be”, or I like to simply say as “fake”

The only reason the US dollar has value is that we have trust in it and the system, but in reality, it’s fake and is simply a representation of exchange. But just because it’s fiat, doesn’t mean it can’t have value. We ourselves have the ability to attribute value to things we see fit like paper money.

I value playing cards, which, to most people who aren’t magicians, couldn’t care less about.

I value certain books as worth more than $20, because I have a nostalgic connection with those stories that helped shape who I am today.

I can attribute value to certain relationships & friendships depending on how much I care about them.

I value this blog, which intrinsically has no value. This blog is only worth my time because I’ve attributed importance to it.

We have the ability to attribute value to the things we love, so make sure you are doing yourself justice by valuing the right things.

So just in case if you don’t value your paper bills, I will gladly accept them from you.


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