Alone & Reflections

I am one of the few people who stayed on campus during Thanksgiving Break…

I’ll admit, it does feel a little bit weird how deserted the usually lively campus is.

But this week gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything: my first semester of university, my short term and long term career goals, and my passions.

I think all of us need to be alone once and a while… just so you can declutter your mind and recalibrate your goals. I plan to properly recreate my vision board, review my life plans, and maybe get in a little video gaming. I’ll also be able to have some peaceful sleep for once.

But here’s the thing. A lot of us are afraid to be alone in fear of seeming lonely or friendless. Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you are lonely; you still have friends and family who care for you and social media makes reconnecting so easy, so don’t be afraid to be spatially alone sometimes. Take some time out of your life to be in solidarity so you can properly reflect on life. They say when you are alone is when you are truly yourself; take that time to talk to your true self and ask some questions.


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