Harry Baker: Real Men

Harry Baker is an inspiration to me

He is a young poet, having recently finished his studies in Math and German at the University of Bristol

His love for Math and rapping lead him to write his first slam poem called “59”, a love poem about prime numbers which he still performs to this day as one of his most popular poems.

Today, I was reminded by his genius through his performance of “Real Men”

Here is an excerpt:

I say, if something is real, it’s something you can feel. An
d that can be love, religion, fear or uncertainty.
Cause real men have issues, and real men cry,
That’s why they make man-sized tissues for their man-sized eyes.
And I cry quite a lot.
And in this day and age,
whether a man’s eyes are dry or not determines that he may be gay…
But I am not.
I like a girl, I just cry like a girl at certain things.
And my main form of catharsis is pixar flicks.
The rea
son that I see them in the cinema is
So you cannot see my tears behind these 3D glasses.
Cause I broke down in Up, I wept in Toy Story 3, was on the brink in Monsters Inc and Cars did the same thing to me. When watching Wall-E I wasn’t worried about which of my friends’ willies was bigger
Cause something in the animation pulled an emotional trigger
And yo
u may snigger, if you see these guns are not the manliest
But I figure that ain’t the best way to measure manliness.

I envy his ability to use his passion in a positive way. He writes poems about relatable topics to inspire people like me and equally performs them in an inspirational way. But even more amazing is he found a way to share his passion in a unique way. He likes Math, and he likes rapping, and by sticking those two together he was introduced to poetry and used it as his medium of exchange. He now does poetry for a living.

I can’t help to wonder how we can use our talents and passions to do the same…how we can take our passions or hobbies and turn them into something more. Perhaps some of us just haven’t found a unique way to mash our skills together yet, but I am sure we can all find our own poetry.

Right now, I am trying to mash up my love for magic and business…I am not yet quite sure what the product will be.

If you’d like to read Harry Baker’s amazing poetry book, buy it here: The Sunshine Kid


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