Getting Someone Coffee

I am the Assistant Stage Manager for Villanova Theatre’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire

I do important things like setup props, help create the set, give people lines when they forget them, and getting the actors coffee when they need it. 

I find it interesting being someone else’s “servant”.

It’s such a low-stress, simple task: Buy coffee then deliver the coffee.

The hardest part was choosing between dark roast, half roast, Columbian, organic, and the other 5 flavors. My solution? I did a bit of everything… I don’t think he noticed.

Despite how mundane such a task is, when I gave that cup of caffeine to the actor, he was legitimately grateful. I could see his eyes spark up as he gulped the beverage for extra energy to continue the long day of rehearsal.

Sometimes you need to do the easy-simple tasks in life, and although they may be easy tasks, it does not take away from the necessity or importance of the task; someone has to do them.


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