Meeting Stuart Weitzman

I shook Stuart Weitzman’s hand today.

When Mr Weitzman arrived at the lecture room, he immediately took the time to go down the line and personally shake everyone’s hand, while also offering a kind and genuine smile. He approached people with nonchalance, and his 76-year-old frame made him seem exceedingly unintimidating.

As I watched him eventually make his way to me, I expected a powerhouse, cutthroat CEO that I was so caught off guard by his humility and gentle persona, I was unable to conjure up proper sentences.

My reaction? I was literally speechless.

He cracked a joke and I chuckled instinctually, and he soon went to shake the next person’s hand.

In his lecture, I am certain he used the word “sexy” to describe his brand and company more times than he said “leadership”.

He also made several jokes at his wife’s expense…

This is the type of success I want to achieve: brilliant and successful, unseemingly rich, comedic, and exceedingly humble in persona.

Man, I really wish I got a picture with him too…

“Sex Sells” – Stuart Weitzman


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