The ARM of a Business

Today in my Business Dynamics class, Abby Hiza, alumni of Villanova and current HR representative from GSK, came to speak to us about human resources.

Now, I’ve always known that one of the most important departments of large–and sometimes smaller sized–companies is the human resources branch. But Abby was able to share some more insight.

If you could choose between having the greatest accountant to work at your firm, or the greatest human resources representative, who would you choose?

Sure, you can trust that your financial statements and accounting information will be accurate and legitimate if you chose the accountant, but the HR department can do invaluable things for a company.

First of all, your human resource employees will most likely be the ones attracting and hiring that accountant… as well as other valuable employees for the company. But HR does more than just recruiting.

The HR department is the ARM of a business, an acronym Abby described today. In general terms, HR can be broken down into:

A – Attract prospective employees (recruitment and hiring)
R – Retain satisfaction within the company (compensation, benefits, salary, social atmosphere)
M – Motivate development and future leaders within the firm (leadership and talent development)

So yeah, you could choose to have a perfect accountant who never messes up their numbers. Or, you could have a strong HR department who will help achieve the most potential out of all the employees and members of the firm. After all, isn’t the most important asset a company has are its people?

Maybe the success of Dunder Mifflin INC. was in fact found in the mastermind of Toby in the back office… 

“Technically, I am in Human Resources, and Dwight was asking me about human anatomy. Um… I’m just sad the public school system failed him so badly.” – Toby Flenderson, The Office


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