Being Afraid to Ask

Sometimes we are too afraid to ask for things.

Can you help me with this?

I don’t understand this concept. Can you explain it again?

Is it okay if we do it this way?

Don’t be afraid to ask for something. Unless it is completely illogical, most requests are generally received well from your peers.
Most people want to help you, especially if they are your friends or mentors.
If you never ask, you’ll never know. If you refuse to ask because of some irrational fear or other reason, you are undermining your self and own value because you don’t think you deserve to receive assistance, and you also underestimate other people’s capability and willingness to be helpful.
Now, saying that, can someone lend me a small loan of $1,000,000? I need it for personal reasons… Thanks 🙂

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and to admit when you need it” – Charles Schwab


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