Committing to Enthusiasm

Today is Halloween.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun.

But if you wore a costume and dressed up when it’s not Halloween and you are not attending a convention of sorts, then it gets weird.

People will stare at you because you are out of place.

The reason it works on Halloween is that everyone is committed to the idea of dressing up in costume. Everyone is enthusiastic about the very idea of becoming a different character.

The people from The Art of Charm discussed this concept recently:
committing to enthusiasm.

When you are interested in something, when you want to participate in something, then commit to being enthusiastic about it. When you are passionate about something, commit to pursuing it. When you do things with enthusiasm and intent, you receive a higher payout with your investment.

If you aren’t committed to it, then you won’t get as much out of the things you do and love.

“Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach” – Moby


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